Disneyland Adds New $25 AT-AT Star Wars Popcorn Bucket

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, December 8, 2017

3466 It's a strange new era of licensing Star Wars, with some of the strangest and newest things coming straight from the halls of Disney.   My pal Zac was at Anaheim's theme park this week and spied this new AT-AT Popcorn Bucket for $25.  He said it's about half of the size of a Kenner one and it's awkward and bulky - as you can see, it's a big toy with a hollow slot for a popcorn sack.   After years of novelty drinkware, it's certainly something new.

He also mentioned there was a signficant line to purchase said bucket.  So popcorn buckets, those are really in this season.