CV: Pawlus Livetweeting The Main Event

By Adam Pawlus — Saturday, August 14, 2010

Warning/guarantee:  I will be livetweeting The Main Event live from CV!  George Lucas, Jon Stewart, and me in the back typing bits of it up for you.  Just click here to follow or watch! Updates: Twitter locked me out for posting too much! I'll post the rest below.  Have some more updates on Clone Wars, the Blu-Ray and a deleted scene.

Baron Papanoida, Darth Maul's brother coming to The Clone Wars. Clips were shown.  Maul's brother will be on 4 episodes.

Blu Ray? Not coming this year. Next year. "We put together different kinds of material, behind the scenes, should be enought to last a lifetime."  "One scene in deleted scene... more you haven't seen yet."   Mark Hamill walks out.  Applause. "Take a deep breath, and siddown.  You're cutting into George time.  I just saw this clip for the first time on a golf cart coming here on a computer.  This is my first appearance in Jedi, the first time you see me."   "It's very short, very special.  I'm someone who grew up loving the original King Kong, famous monsters magazine... I read about the lost spider scene."  They're showing the original entrance into the film ROTJ.   Vader talks to Luke via his meditation camber, cuts to Luke on Tatooine, he's BUILDING HIS DAMN LIGHTSABER!  WOW!  This is it!!  C-3PO looks on, R2-D2 is beeping, HOLY COW!

Carrie Fisher just stepped out.  "I was proposed to yesterday.  You want children? That's going to be rugged.  I'm going to do the sex booth later on.  Did you ever put the nude scenes back in?  There's a huge me and Jabba porn scene.   That's what got me into drugs."

Jon is thanking everybody for coming out, continuing the show, etc. Crowd is thanking him back.  

George: "I make movies for fans, for people who like to go to the movies.  It's great to be appreciated."