CV: Pawlus To Livetweet Clone Wars Panel

By Adam Pawlus — Saturday, August 14, 2010

Want more live-from-the-panel action?  I'm going to livetweet the Clone Wars panel with news on season 3.  Check it out!  Follow me on Twitter for more! Update: click through for some highlights.


- Savage Oppress is the name of the Darth Maul-esque warrior, who will be yellow and black.  May or may not be Darth Maul's brother, per George Lucas' comments.

- A Sith Witch will appear on Dathomir, inspired by Ian McCaig's great pre-Darth Maul concepts.

- Ziro, Jabba, Cad Bane, King Katuunko, Asajj Ventress, Grievous, and lots more to return.

- Not explicitly stated but it looks like Quinlan Vos will appear in a future episodes. Durge will likely not.

- Unspecified original trilogy connections will return in season 3.

- Aurra Sing not portrayed as ex-Jedi on the show, this is intentional to keep Asajj and Aurra distinct.

- Show will go on for at least 5 seasons, may continue longer if fan response is positive.