CV Medicom Fett VCD On Sale

By Mike — Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Those who couldn't make it to Celebration V can now rejoice and purchase one of the more popular exclusives at the show! The Celebration V Boba Fett VCD (Vinyl Collectible Doll) by Medicom Toy Japan is now available to order at Sideshow for $99.99 each. Quantities are sure to be limited so click here and order yours today!

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to bring Medicom Toy Corporation's line of high-quality Vinyl Collectible Doll (VCD) Star Wars figures to Star Wars Celebration V Non-Attendees! Medicom has designed the VCD line with the serious Star Wars collector in mind, realizing each character accurately and faithfully. This Boba Fett VCD figures is a Star Wars Celebration V Exclusive, previously only available to Celebration V Attendees - don't miss this opportunity to add the Mandalorian bounty hunter to your collection!  



372 CV VCD Fett373 CV VCD Fett