Comic-Con: Sideshow Has Legendary In Mind

By Mike — Sunday, July 24, 2011

If you want to get the most detail and authenticity out of your collectible figure, then a larger 1/2 scale canvas will extract as much creativity as possible. Sideshow debuted their Legendary scale Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the results are amazing. The facial features and likeness to Guiness and Park are extraordinary. One, of course, must have ample room in their home to be a "completist", but collecting one to display instantly qualifies it as a collection centerpiece.




Sideshow's booth had plenty other desirable pieces on display, and the one that unsurprisingly instantly comes to Galactic Hunter's mind is the 12" Boba Fett. With detail, accuracy, and articulation that has become the hallmark of Sideshow's 12 inch scale assortment, this piece along with the 12" General Grievous will be hot once they list on pre-order. 




Their first  "collaborative" effort with Hot Toys, the 1/6 scale Luke Bespin, also looks impressive with a mess of accesories, including the Bespin weather vane. 




For larger scale pieces if your real estate and wallet can handle them are Chalmun's 1/6 scale Cantina diorama and the Assajj Ventress life sized bust. Oh, did we also mention they had a life sized Han in Carbonite in the works? 




Just when we thought that Sideshow has almost exhausted their Star Wars ideas and creativive juices, especially in a still recovering economy, they release amazing pieces that would be hard to dismiss.


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