The Clone Wars Magazine #2

By Mike — Thursday, December 2, 2010

The next issue of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine hits shelves on December 7, and if you thought issue 1 was out of this world, issue 2 is totally out of the galaxy!

662 Clone Wars Magazibe #2


We’ve crammed in a ton of facts about your old favorite characters and deadly new foes – including the terrifying Nightsisters and the fearsome Savage Opress. Check out the new look of the Jedi heroes, then find out about Astromechs and customize your own! 

Revisit two excellent season three episodes – ‘Hunt for Ziro’ and ‘Heroes on Both Sides’ – and tackle tricky puzzles and games. In this issue’s trailblazing comic adventure, Anakin learns that Padmé has been kidnapped by a gang of Separatists – but what’s one Jedi against a vicious band of street pirates?

If you enjoyed the month’s free Clone Wars Adventures membership, we’ve got an electrifying round-up of news from the incredibly popular MMO! Plus, there’s a chance to win Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 2 DVDs, Star Wars LEGO® Brickmaster books and Star Wars Science toys! The holidays have come early so don’t forget to pick up your copy from all good retailers and selected comic book stores!

Subscribe to the magazine this holiday season and not only will you save 20% on the newsstand price and get free delivery, we’re also giving you one extra issue FREE! That’s seven action-packed issues, for just $23.95*! Visit to subscribe.



Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine #2

On sale December 7, 2010