Carbon Freeze Me Figures Arriving

By Mike — Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The D-Tech Me Carbon Freeze Me figures are starting to arrive for those fortunate enough to travel to Disney Star Wars Weekends in Orlando, Florida the past few weeks. Galactic reader Frank sends in his photos which include front and back scans of the package along with a short report.

Wanted to let your readers know that the WDW Star Wars Weekend Carbon Freeze Me figures have started to arrive. I got mine done the first afternoon and mine arrived today. Pretty cool but still hoping that the Big Wigs that were there in the back of the theater with their laptops take my suggestions to heart and offer a true 4 inch scale action figure for us next time around. I suggested a generic Jedi, Rebel Pilot, Stormtrooper, or Clone Trooper as great  starting points to add our own 360 degree head sculpt to. I’m sure they would sell multiples at that as well. But what we get this time around is nicely boxed with the ability to take it out and display or show off and return it to the box. Figure is about 10 inches tall.