Brian's Toys: 2013 Star Wars Vehicles, eFX Obi-Wan Stunt Lightsaber

By Mike — Monday, January 7, 2013

From our sponsors at Brian's Toys: Pre-Order the new 2013 Star Wars Deluxe & Regular vehicles at Brian's Toys! The new deluxe vehicles come packaged with two action figures along with a vehicle.  Also recently announced is the Episode I Obi-Wan stunt saber from eFX.  This stunt saber is available for pre-order at $119.99.

Brand new this week is the Marvel Legends Hit Monkey Series! Pick up the Wave at Brian's Toys and you can earn each piece to build Hit Monkey.  From Matty Collector, Brian's Toys has received the new Mosquitor figures from the Masters of the Universe Classics Line!

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