45 Kmarts, 18 Sears Closing

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, November 3, 2017

The guillotine continues.  The USA Today and others are reporting Another 60-plus Sears, Kmart stores set to close in January 2018; see the list.   It's less a strategy for competitiveness than it is an ever-decreasing trek toward obscurity, marching toward the same place in our culture held by Montgomery Word, Woolworths, or Kay-Bee Toys.   As far as we know Hasbro is no longer offering Kmart or Sears exclusive toy product, but it's increasingly difficult to verify this first-hand.  Click to see the story, and pour one out for  your homies in the poorly lit store with the dirty floors and dubiously stocked shelves you won't be able to visit after your next birthday.