Hasbro Star Wars Q&A Answers From 05/06/10
6/3/2010 4:32:28 AM | Reported by Adam_May

In this tri-weekly, erm, try-tri-weekly edition of the Hasbro Star Wars Questions & Answers series, we surrender to the persistent lobbying of "Star Wars Reality" enthusiasts (who have been campaigning since Toy Fair) to ask about a compromise that could provide realistic side/ear guns for the upcoming "Big Arsenal" AT-AT Imperial Walker; and we get the skinny to find out if the Hasbro plus-size department will be outfitting any husky X-Wing Pilots in the near-ish future.

Galactic Hunter: First off, as Hasbro is undoubtedly aware, there is a growing crusade from, let's say, "Star Wars Reality" enthusiasts who are clamoring for film/model-realistic side guns for the upcoming "Big Arsenal" AT-AT Imperial Walker. [Editor's Note: The AT-ST Walker came with 'real' and 'toy' style guns.] Through the use of all of the various forums the idea of making realistic side-guns (that could replace the "toyetic" guns) for a Battle Pack with Snow Troopers (or another creative Imperial Cold-Weather Gunner) manning them (similar to the Republic Gunship's "Bubble Pods") seems almost viable. Would this be an acceptable compromise to satisfy the "realists" while giving kids (and their parents) the best toy-bang-pow-zoom for their bucks?

Hasbro: That is a very creative suggestion.  However, we don't have any plans right now to offer anything up to replace those side guns. It is a spectacular toy, and we hope that fans will look past the firing rockets to really see how fantastic this beast is! 

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Galactic Hunter: It goes without saying that collectors (and certain members of the Hasbro Crew) LOVE their pilots (Rebels, Imperials, Clones, Drones, etc.) With The Vintage Collection encompassing the whole Star Wars Universe, is there enough room to squeeze in a little plus-sized love for an X-Wing Pilot like Jek Porkins, and would he be upgraded to the modern Hasbro standard? Surely we can all get behind some husky X-Wing Pilot diversity, right? (No pun intended.)

Hasbro: Well, there are some among us here who would like to see Porkins updated some day.  However, that day does remain far off and we don't know if it will be in the Vintage Collection or some other collection where he does finally get re-issued.  We do think that there is an inevitability to his being updated, and even maneuvered the Willrow Hood body into position to help that tooling load (and we do mean load!).


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