Hasbro Star Wars Q&A Answers From 4/9/10
4/28/2010 5:28:14 AM | Reported by Adam.May

GalacticHunter.com: We keep hearing that a nicely-sized revamp of a very iconic ship will be unveiled at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, Florida. Is this some echo-chamber effect where a rumor is repeated so often that collectors accept this as a fact, or will we be treated to a magnificent revamp of a very iconic ship that will make its debut at the premier Star Wars event of 2010?

Hasbro: We have already revealed the AT-AT Walker, Rebel Snowspeeder, and Bespin Cloud Car (only one of which fits your description) so we are not sure what rumors you refer to, unless you mean the Slave 1.  However, we have previously answered that the Slave 1 is not going to be part of our Episode V Anniversary plans.  There are however some tasty reveals left for the summer shows, both Comic Con and Celebration V. Stay tuned!

[Editor's Note: Who said Episode V Anniversary? We like the version from The Clone Wars series! It seats more figures and shoots things!]

Galactic Hunter: The POTF2-Commtech Princess Leia with her hood up was an excellent figure. She was even posed nicely to program her plea for help to Obi-Wan Kenobi. She is one of the few figures that never popped up in a Battle Pack or a simple reissue. Did the figure's mold get lost in the shuffle somewhere, or did someone just blackball the figure? What gives?

Hasbro: Neither, really. We have focused on other versions of Leia, focusing on articulation in most cases which means a fresh start. She would be a good candidate if we ever did another Tantive IV Battle Pack, although fans would have our heads if we did not upgrade the Rebel Fleet Troopers first.

[Editor's Note: 'Rebel Fleet Troopers' plural?]

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