Hasbro Star Wars Q&A Answers From 3/19/10
4/9/2010 10:25:53 AM | Reported by Adam_May

Galactic Hunter: This two-year(+) foray into the realms of Vintage Resurrection figures will strip collector-aimed figures down to the bare bones: a figure, a weapon or two, stuffed into a coffin-style blister. That is a neat and tidy package, all said. Can we "movie-based" collectors hope to see a few lush accessories in The Clone Wars series to pick up the slack?

HASBRO: Larger accessories are always something we struggle with, and eliminating them was likely necessary whether we had the smaller coffin-style blisters or not.  There won't be any more exotic accessories in the Clone Wars than you have seen to date.   

Galactic Hunter: The Vintage era produced some truly unique figures: Death Squad Commander, Blue Snaggletooth with his KISS-style platform boots, the "cheap" vinyl-caped Jawa, and the almost dead-to-rights Hoth Rebel Soldier. We know that some of these are en route, but are these guys "in the mix" for this upcoming two-year run?

HASBRO: Adam, a great idea and we'll say that there is a possibility.  If the 4-LOM/Zuckuss pairing this Summer does well, it does open the door for future smaller-run Vintage homages like you suggest. Death Squad Commander, given his name, is not likely as a mainline release and would be good as an exclusive.  Blue Snaggletooth would likewise we excellent in his spiffy space suit, and a vinyl cape Jawa would indeed be welcome in the same vein.  The Hoth Rebel Soldier would likely be a mainline release, if we found a slot for him in the next couple of years.


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