Hasbro Star Wars Q&A — Answers From 2/26/10
3/17/2010 11:34:09 AM | Reported by Adam_May

Q&A for St. Patrick's Day? We'll drink to that! (Cheers to Team Hasbro!) This round we get down-and-dirty with a question about Jabba The Hutt's faithful-to-a-fault Weequay Skiff Guards, and we try to sort out the aesthetics of the Vintage Resurrection front-of-card art. Ιireann go Brαch, and we hope any readers who find a pot of gold, etc. buy the next round or wipe all of the Willrow Hood figures off the pegs.

Galactic Hunter: Would it be safe to surmise/guess/wish/hope that — with Jabba The Hutt, Wooof, and maybe even a new Oola on the way — a Return of the Jedi Weequay will be in the mix? Which dry-skinned thug gets priority, the "classic" Weequay (Queequeg) or the Weequay wearing a tan quilt over his torso? (One is LONG overdue for an update, and the other hasn't been made yet. It's hard to believe, but there are characters that haven't been made yet.)

[Editor's Note: I'd ask to see sketch art, but I think the other Q&A inquisitors have taken a hit out on me for Wooof. Hey, why wasn't he at Toy Fair? ;-)]

HASBRO: We only had the first wave of Vintage at Toy Fair; that was all we needed to wet the whistle and get the juices flowing for the August release! Seriously, we will be showing the rest of Fall, with a taste of Spring 2011 at Comic Con and Celebration V, so stay tuned. As for which Weequay to do next, the Weequay Skiff Master will be the first one up, out approximately the middle of 2011.

 [Editor's Note — Thanks to Delta Airlines' sucktacular service I wasn't at Toy Fair either — one flake of dandruff (let alone snow) and they cancel flights all across the board.]

Galactic Hunter: It was confirmed in the last Q&A round that Bastila Shan will be released on a Vintage Resurrection-style card. How will Hasbro handle presenting off-screen or Expanded Universe characters like her with the the Vintage Resurrection-style card since characters are depicted in real scenes from the films — background and all. Is Hasbro going to recreate photo-realistic versions of Expanded Universe characters as if they were movie-stills via digital art? Would Hasbro even go as far as dressing up a model in costume and photographing them for the card art, like LFL did years ago with Shannon Baksa (the Mara Jade model)? — Shabby Blue, Barbizon Modeling School - Class of 1980.

HASBRO: Great as always to get a thoughtful Shabby Blue question. We have not sat down and hashed this one out yet, but our first instinct would not be to make the EU characters look photorealistic, but to reference their source material (comic art for comic-based figures, video game imagery or CGI for video game characters). Sort of like a hybrid of the vintage Kenner movie look and the Droids and Ewoks lines, within the black & silver framework.

[Editor's Note: Finally, feel free to submit questions via our forum, but note that we cannot assign credit — or Barbizon Modeling School diplomas — in future Q&A sessions - as Hasbro refines their Q&A system.]

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