Hasbro Star Wars Q&A Answers! From 2/5/10
2/22/2010 7:09:56 PM | Reported by Adam_May

Bo shuda... Yes, the Hasbro Star Wars Q&A has been cut down to two questions, but the answers this week are oozing with massive answers! If you like Hutts, you're in luck. Jabba The Hutt and Ziro the Hutt? Bargon u noa-a-uyat.

Galactic Hunter: Since we have harangued Team Star Wars for so long to make a "classic" Jabba The Hutt action figure, now that he's official and all, would it be safe to assume that the set will be comparable (or even a step up) to the Jabba The Hutt pieces from other licensees? We are very Hasbro-centric, so we like to think that "Our Team" can and will do the best version (to date).  Also - not trying to squeeze in an extra question, but - would a scantily clad green Twi'lek Dancer be more suited as a pack-in, or (in this day and age) would she be welcomed by retailers? (Can we "bring sexy back" to the pegs?)

Hasbro: We're not sure how our Jabba The Hutt compares to anything done by other licensees. We do of course have the Sideshow 12" scale Jabba tucked away somewhere, but did not reference that during the development of our new one.  We sculpt all of our film-based toys off of reference photos, so we think that we will have the same type of update as the recent AT-ST and Dewback exclusives.  A new Oola would make an outstanding pack-in figure, wouldn't she?

[Editor's Note: A BIG, FAT YES!!!]

Galactic Hunter: The Clone Wars moves so fast that things happen before we have a chance to ask about them. (That's a win, right?) However, while we're on the subject of Hutts, is there any movement toward making the mincing, lisping Ziro The Hutt weasel its way onto a retail shelf?

Hasbro: Ziro The Hutt will not be finding his way to retail shelves. However, we have not ruled him out as a promotional (mail-in) figure for 2011.

[Editor's Note: Impressive...]

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