Hasbro Star Wars Q&A From 1/22/2010
2/3/2010 6:41:17 PM | Reported by Adam_May
As your faithful and devoted Bounty Hunters are prepping for the other-great-schlep to American International Toy Fair 2010, we have a little hint of the coolness that is the AT-AT and a "what-might-have-been" for a rumored (and developed further than a wishful concept) Droid Factory Playset. (Get used to a new two-answers format and a potentially staggered schedule as some sites 'tilt' the machine combined with the "movie-based" hiatus.)

Galactic Hunter: Hasbro is going to unveil some "huge" toys at Toy Fair 2010, but sometimes the devil is in the detail. Big or small, animated or "real" (i.e. Episodes 1-6) what is the best/favorite detail from the 3" lines (with or without naming the toy/toys)?

Hasbro: The cat is out of the bag - we allowed the super-cool AT-AT (SC-AT-AT?) to be discussed, but not photographed, at the U.K. Toy Fair. [Editor's Note: We prefer BA-AT-AT (as in Sgt. Bosco Albert "B.A." Baracus from The A-Team.] So we can confirm it is real, and it is spectacular.  Perhaps most amazing is just how many features we were able to put into this epic piece. For large vehicles like this, we typically send them out for kid testing, and the AT-AT has come back with glowing reviews about just how many different things there is to do and how overall engaging it is.  This is one magic piece, folks the best combination of playset and vehicle. We wish we could show pictures, but we have to wait until Toy Fair. To get to one of our very favorite features, it's a simple one: the retractable line that you can use to get Luke Skywalker into the AT-AT so he can do his damage. Takes us back to our childhood!

Galactic Hunter: Only encompassing the "classic" Kenner line (now owned and carried on in the Hasbro line) what toy (from figures, playsets, vehicles, and "other") either as a new SKU or as a one-off would the "Star Wars Team" most like to revive for the modern line especially items that are not in the forthcoming Hasbro plan for 2010?

Hasbro: There is one that has interested us for a while, even though it didn't get to the prototype stage, is a modern version of the Droid Factory.  Given that we have built up a library of  Droid Factory parts, it made sense to look at this and the combination of Attack of the Clones inspiration-meets classic Kenner Droid Factory was a fun mash-up. Ultimately, though, the slowdown in the Droid Factory caused us to put this aside although it's something we still have heart for. We would like to make use of our droid part tooling library some day, so it's possible that a set like this could eventually come out. For now, though, it remains far off on the horizon.

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