Hasbro Star Wars Q&A - Wooof! There it is!
10/23/2009 4:06:37 PM | Reported by Adam_May

It's almost Hallowe'en, so for this Q&A session with Team Hasbro we decided to do a little trick-or-treating, and it totally paid off! (Every time a site uses one of its three questions to ask for pictures, artwork, or try fishing for a hint of what's to come there's a risk that there's no answer available.) Phew!

Galactic Hunter: We know that you probably can't comment on it too much, but will there be any Ultimate Battle Packs and big warehouse club sets for the holiday season?

HASBRO: There will not be any Ultimate Battle Packs or warehouse club 3" sets this year.

Galactic Hunter: We also know that you don't reveal "numbers", but which figure did you produce fewer of Malikili (Rancor Keeper) 3.0 or Willrow Hood (Ice Cream Maker Guy)? It was said (no name mentioned) at Toy Fair that we wouldn't be overburdened with Willrow Hood, but who could have predicted Malikili (Rancor Keeper) 3.0?

HASBRO: They were both released in the same quantity - the lowest of any fall releases, which is at least 30% lower than the lowest-run figures we released from 2005 until Spring 2008. We think that we have found the "floor" for these more niche figures.

Galactic Hunter: Since it has been confirmed that Wooof will be out in 2010, is there anything you'd care to share, like one of those cool figure sketches or a photo of the sculpt?

HASBRO: Sure thing - see attached.

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Super special thanks to Danny and Joe @ Hunter P.R. and Team Hasbro for always going above and beyond.

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