Hasbro Star Wars Q&A - ANSWERS! 1/30/09
1/31/2009 8:11:40 AM | Reported by Adam_May

This month's Q&A (yes, we're down to a monthly now) is pretty girly. We've got comic book fans pining for Aayla Secura (as Jayzaa); the neverending quest for more Queen/Senator Padmé Amidala; and Oola, who just can't seem to get a break. (Oh, and a Gammorean Guard, but we're not sure that they have identifiable genders.) Let's see what Mr. Potato Head's people have to say...

Galactic Hunter: Fans love Aayla Secura, so might we expect another new figure eventually? Maybe a Comic 2-Pack version of her in her undercover outfit as "Jayzaa" from the storyline in Darkhorse comics Republic #72 issue.

HASBRO: There are certainly a couple cool versions of Aayla in the comics, and we have some good ones sitting in the "parking lot." One of them just missed the cut for the mainline lineup in 2010, but could find its way to an exclusive. We are confident that given time, and continued support for the comic packs, we will see some more of Aayla one of these days.

Galactic Hunter: You've said that there probably won't be a second Padmé Evolution set in 2009 [or any as of this e-mail], but can we still expect at least one more non-animated realistic Padmé next year in addition to the animated Padmé in her white outfit that has already been revealed? Also on the subject of animated Padmé, is there a good chance of eventually getting Padmé in her Leia-esque battle uniform from the 4th episode of the series Clone Wars: Destroy Malevolence plot? It seems to be prominently featured on various Clone Wars books and advertising, so it deserves as much attention as the standard white bodysuit version you are already releasing. — Shabby Blue (He likes girls.)

HASBRO: Shabby Blue - this is your lucky day. We can confirm that there will indeed be a new Queen Amidala figure in the Episode I wave this year.  As for Clone Wars Padmé, we will be releasing her in her "adventure" gear. Stay tuned!

Galactic Hunter: Two figures that haven't received the newer, fresher Hasbro update are Oola and the Gammorean Guard. We've heard that both have been at some phase of development, but how likely are we to see them in the near future? (Or how close are they to getting out of the "parking lot"?)

HASBRO: Oola is not in the works to be updated, but we think she is almost a certainty as the farther-but years unfold. She has been on several lists, but has been one of the last cuts each time. The Gammorean Guard will be updated within the next two years.

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