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9/5/2008 3:32:18 PM | Reported by Adam_May

This week we've got questions about decor; we ask about the fate of poor Wedge Antilles; and we get some encouraging news about a brand spankin' new fighter ship. So what's Hasbro up to? Let's hit 'em head-on.

Galactic Hunter: Reports from Comic Con indicate you're not going to include the tables that come with Brainiac and "Old Ben Kenobi" in the next A New Hope wave. Can you explain the reasons for this, and will those tables be included elsewhere? -- From reader and decorator Shabby Blue

HASBRO: The reason was pretty simple - the overall cost of the wave out of the factory as proposed was killing us, and the only solution was removing parts to get it down.  We had to remove something and rather than remove, say, the Jawa that was scheduled to come with the WED-15 Droid we removed the tables.  We will look to include them elsewhere sometime, perhaps in a Battle Pack or future figure if we can absorb the costs.  Incidentally, we are constantly making these decisions and most of the time fans never know about them....in this case, we decided to show pics of Wave 1 '09 anyway since they were the best pics we had for Comic Con.  The alternative was to not show anything at all, and we felt it was better to go ahead and show the wave since it's (in our opinion) a fantastic wave.

[Editor's Note: Even we'll admit that life has gone up living at $4/gallon.]

Galactic Hunter: Many months ago you mentioned in a Q&A that a new Wedge Antilles figure was coming in 2008. Is this still the case, or have plans changed? -- From reader and auditor Shabby Blue

HASBRO: Unfortunately, plans have changed due to the lateness of the set he was in and we just couldn't make it to shelf in time for this year. The set he is in will be coming later in 2009.

Galactic Hunter: The Magnaguard Fighter Ship looks a lot like General Grievous' escape ship from Revenge of the Sith. Might there be a retool in the works to make a great new fighter ship?

HASBRO: We would not retool the Grievous ship to create a Magnaguard Fighter. Instead, we would just do the ship as a new tool. Which we are, for Spring 2009.



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