Figure of the Day: Day 762
6/6/2008 11:11:37 PM | Reported by Adam

WA-7 Dexter's Diner
Saga Collection 2
Item No.:
Asst. 84861 No. 84817
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Number: #0328
Includes: Tray, display base
Action Feature: Rolling wheel
Retail: $4.99
Availability: Summer 2003
Appearances: Attack of the Clones

Bio: The waitress droid WA-7 works at Dexter's Diner, a steadfast source of down-home cooking and, on occasion, valuable information. Situated in an industrial pocket of Coruscant, the unassuming eatery is a favorite with the locals because of its hearty food and Dex's distinctive special recipes. With WA-7's frisky spirit and built-in order transmitter, the single-wheeled waitress droid serves up the day's specials to the varied assortment of freighter drivers and dockworkers who frequent the establishment. (Taken from the figure's cardback.)

Image: Adam Pawlus' toy room.

Commentary: With hundreds of figures under their belt, the boys and girls of Hasbro were given a certain amount of room to experiment with new and unique figures. Releases like WA-7 broke the mold by trying things that would seem insane by the standards of the original Kenner line. For example, this robotic hostess has a single leg, and it has a wheel on the end of it. It simply is not possible for her to stand without the aid of her display base, so in order to make the figure authentic to the film, it was necessary to add this extra accessory. It's rare that a figure is produced that, without an accessory, would be pretty useless.

She has no hope of standing on her own without the stand, but depending on your set-up, the stand may not help for the long haul. Gravity tugs at this servo server, causing her to eventually slip loose of the base's slight grip, which holds on to the back of the wheel well. As such, an improperly placed WA-7 on a shelf full of figures could result in an unfortunate domino effect at the worst, or a nosedive at the best. Caution is a good thing here.

The sculpt seems to accurately match the movie, with the faux-dress plating and a head design that suggests a hat of some sort. Her eyes and unique server's pose add to her personality, as you can cock her head to one side while she carries out a tray. Her other hand rests on her hip, like she's about to tell you off or something. Few droid designs are as unique as this one, and she really does stand out in a line packed with repaints, white armored troopers, and Jedi after Jedi. Kudos to Hasbro for trying something new and different, even though it didn't work out perfectly.

Collector's Notes: Only released in 2003, this waitress droid is a unique figure for which fan demand has never really shot up. The going rate on eBay is a couple of bucks.

Day 762: June 6, 2008

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