Figure of the Day: Day 527
10/15/2007 7:35:55 PM | Reported by Adam

HAN SOLO The Empire Strikes Back
30th Anniversary Collection Commemorative Tin
Item No.:
Asst. 87154 No. 87204
Number: 5 of 6
Includes: Mask, lightsaber, blaster
Action Feature: Removable mask, push button for slashing action
Retail: $19.99-$29.99
Availability: Fall 2006+
Appearances: The Empire Strikes Back

Bio: Though he is determined to return to Tatooine and finally settle up with Jabba the Hutt, Han Solo keeps getting pulled back in to the Rebellion. This time, it's Luke, missing in the freezing waste with night falling, and the Imperials on their way. (Taken from the figure's inner cardback.)

Image: Adam's toy shelves.

Commentary: Based on a mold from 2003, one might think there's not much reason to buy this figure yet again. The third variant of this Han Solo in Hoth battle gear makes some pretty serious changes, such as the addition to snow. Wearing a brown coat, the figure has 10 points of articulation, a holster, a lightsaber, and pretty much everything you need to rescue Luke from the wilderness. Han's action stance was seemingly designed so he can ride a Tauntaun with little to no problem, which is nice if you want a modern-ish Han on a beast from 1998. (And, for the record, you probably do.) The detail is good, the figure holds together nicely, and the off-white gloves are a nice touch. The likeness is acceptable, and given how the Vintage Hoth Han was kind of a stinker, this one is almost a superior figure. Were it not for the lack of leg articulation and the action feature, this would easily be the best of them.

Collector's Notes: This figure has been available on the market in numerous packaging and paint variants. Dare you track them all down? The first toy release had a blue coat. The second, a brown coat. They were both quite dark so it might not be immediately obvious which is which unless you're comparing them. This is the third release, and so far there are no known plans for a fourth. The two colors of the first release were both a joke and a throwback to Kenner days. The original toy in the 1980s wore a blue coat, but there's some debate on what the actual color of the prop is. Galoob was once told it was black. Kenner went with blue, as did a few other licensors. Hasbro was told it was a brownish color, but we also saw a purple one. To add to the problem, a lot of old costumes-- especially blue ones-- discolor with age, so the world may get to argue this one for a good long time. (Although for the record, the current official Lucas stance is that it's brown. I respectfully argue.)

Day 527: October 15, 2007

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