Figure of the Day: Day 402
6/12/2007 10:27:35 PM | Reported by Adam

CLONE TROOPER with Speeder Bike
Saga Deluxe Figure
Item No.:
No. 85694
Number: n/a
Includes: Armor, blaster, helmet, grenade, Speeder Bike vehicle
Action Feature: Grenade-throwing action, removable armor
Retail: $9.99
Availability: Fall 2002
Appearances: Concept Art

Bio: Formidable fighters engineered for battle, a number of the Clone Troopers are deployed on speeders, then race into battle against the enemy forces. Daringly flying alongside the AT-TEs, they lob electro grenades into the vehicles to disable them in crippling explosions. (Taken from the figure's cardback.)

Image: Adam Pawlus' clone shelf.

Commentary: It's an all new sculpt. It's the first Clone to have a removable helmet. Also, it's the first Clone to have any sort of built-in action figure. This Clone Trooper is a neat item for a variety of reasons, but I have to say the real selling point for me was the removable armor, removable helmet, and bike. It's just a cool package for ten bucks, even though this item never appeared in the movie. We can always use another Clone, and hey, who doesn't like a cheap vehicle? By and large, Clone Troopers are sculpted well so there's really not much to pick at aside from articulation. This one is iffy-- the joints were designed to allow grenade-chucking and sitting on a bike. He doesn't sit on the bike with both hands particularly well (a downer), but can shoot and drive at the same time-- surely, this goes against what the instructor at the Kamino DMV might have taught them. Someone might get a ticket, is all I'm saying.

Collector's Notes: This was a pain to get in many markets, proving that kids like Clones and vehicles, especially when you get them both for ten bucks. This was repainted and retooled in 2003 so you can get more than one bike with Clone and have them be different-- the other release had dirt on his boots, a grey bike, and a newly added firing rocket weapon. This non-movie (but yes-concept art) Clone-with-vehicle set for $10 held a promise of more cheap vehicles with Clones, but unfortunately this was not an avenue Hasbro opted to explore. It's also worth noting the vehicle was engineered to be stored in the back of a Republic Gunship, if you have one-- talk about synergy! The Gunship could also connect to the Gun Pods packaged with the Clone Pilot figures. (MORE IMAGES)

Oh, and Hasbro-- if you're paying attention-- please make more toys that connect with other toys, it makes for better playtime and storage when it works out like this release. I bought a lot of Clone Pilots in 2002 and the bike, surely if a hypothetical AT-TE ever got made, there could be an area to park some other small toy (sold separately) in there to encourage people to buy more stuff. That is, if the thought of people buying more Clones to act as drivers for the thing wasn't enough.

Day 402: June 12, 2007

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