Figure of the Day: Day 397
6/7/2007 7:46:33 PM | Reported by Adam

The Saga Collection Wal-Mart Exclusive
Item No.:
Asst. 85770 No. 87351
Number: 072
Includes: Blaster, Kabe figure, knife, stand
Action Feature: n/a
Retail: $6.76
Availability: February 2007-Present (see below for definition of "present")
Appearances: Star Wars

Bio: Leids is a smuggler and pilot-for-hire looking for business, legitimate or otherwise, in the Mos Eisley cantina. (Taken from the figure's cardback.)

Image: Adam Pawlus' TV tray, with the Cantina "bar section" behind him.

Commentary: Before I wrote this entry, I looked at the original Nabrun Leids article I wrote from June 2006, before the version I'm reviewing today was announced. I basically said "it's OK and worth getting because it's not like you have any other options"-- well, now you have an option, and it's better. This Wal-Mart exclusive version is painted much more nicely, and if it had more articulation you might mistake it for a brand new release and not a ten year old repaint. The figure has eight points of articulation (the standard six plus two more arms), a spiffy silver suit, a gun, oh yeah, and a whole extra figure. For the price, it's a bargain-- if you have neither Nabrun Leids nor Kabe, this is a must-buy set. Both figures are improved over previous releases, so it's still probably worth it. I just love the crazy silver suit, I have to say, and the cone head and gas mask are nifty features as well. There's a lot to like here, even though the sculpt is quite old. If you have the chance, and like Cantina aliens, this should be on your short list of things to buy.

Collector's Notes: Depending on where you lived and your luck, this figure (and the whole wave) could be impossible to get. Later shipments came, and sometimes you could get lucky-- keep checking your stores as we've seen these as recently as mid-May 2007.

Day 397: June 7, 2007

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