Figure of the Day: Day 354
4/25/2007 8:09:03 PM | Reported by Adam

30th Anniversary Collection
Item No.:
Asst. 87500 No. 87239
Number: 3007
Includes: Rifle, Helmet, Purse, Pistol
Action Feature: Removable helmet
Retail: $6.99
Availability: March 2007
Appearances: Revenge of the Sith

Bio: Obi-Wan Kenobi attacks General Grievous and his droid army on Utapau with the assistance of the Parjai Squad, 2nd Airborne Company, part of the Commander Cody's 212th Attack Battalion. The clone troopers descend upon the droid armies and decimate them while Obi-Wan dispatches Grievous, ending the Clone Wars. (Taken from the figure's cardback.)

Image: Adam Pawlus' toy shelves.

Commentary: We weren't sure what this Clone was when we first saw it. A medic? A specialist? Well, we eventually got the name of Airborne Trooper and that didn't exactly help specify their function too much since we didn't see them doing too much in the air. But hey, it looks cool, and that's what matters, right? The mold has been repainted a few times, but started life as the Evolutions Clone Trooper from 2005. With new bandoliers, waist coats, and helmets, you get a new figure. Plus, this one has a retooled shoulder, making it more than different enough to qualify as a new figure, especially as it has had more changes than your average Clone Trooper. (Which, for the record, is paint.) So it's a good one-- the waist coat gets in the way of him sitting down, so even though this figure was designed with intense articulation, his accessories will prevent you from taking advantage of this. But you probably don't care, the only pushing most fans need to get a Clone Trooper figure is to find out that it exists.

Collector's Notes: This figure was sold in 2006 in purple as "Clone Commander" in a Target exclusive Battle Pack based on Mace Windu. In 2007, another version of this mold was released with blue markings for the Target Order 66 packs. It's the understanding of fans that the mold was originally meant to be this figure, orange, but exclusive needs accelerated the release of the purple one. This orange Airborne Trooper will be right at home with Clone Commander Cody, the Utapau orange Clone Trooper, and the Order 66 orange AT-RT Driver. (Oh, and the Utapau Shadow Trooper, but that one isn't orange.)

Day 354: April 25, 2007

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