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3/2/2007 3:01:57 PM | Reported by Adam_May

Can you please offer two points of clarification for the new figures revealed this week on the net? Specifically, will "Academy" Biggs Darklighter have his cape, and will Umpass-Stay have a large drum to beat on (either included with the figure or is it eventually planned for seperate release)?

Biggs will have his cape - we just forgot to bring it to Toy FairUmpass-Stay will come with 1/2 of the drum, which is designed to snap in place to make a whole should you decide to get two for this purpose (or wait until it may be re-released at some point).

[Editor's Note: At some point? You mean there's a whole other half of a drum and another character who beats this drum?]

Is there any effort going into the hopeful re-release of Commander Gree with accurate paint deco in a Kashyyyk Battle Pack? I want to emphasize the "accurate paint deco" portion of this as the previous figure is way off in terms of movie accuracy... and I know of many who are longing for this. [From reader Cloner118.]

We have stayed our hand at re-releasing Commander Gree simply because we are feeling that the fans would want to see us retool him before we repainted one that does not have the correctly molded torso.  Right now there is no timeline for the release of an updated Commander Gree, but that's why we are holding off.

There are rumors of 3" figure 10-packs coming out for the Mos Eisley Cantina. Might we see a big box set (sort of "Ultra" Battle Packs) in time for the holiday shopping season?

The rumors of the 3"  Cantina band 10-pack are untrue.

[Editor's Note: Band?]

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