Figure of the Day: Day 276
2/6/2007 7:40:00 PM | Reported by Adam

Power of the Jedi Collection 2
Item No.:
Asst. 84455 No. 84249
Number: n/a
Includes: Blaster, Force File
Action Feature: Lever on back raises arm
Retail: $6.99
Availability: Fall 2000
Appearances: The Phantom Menace

Bio: Droid soldiers serving the Trade Federation, battle droids are emotionless warriors who follow their masters' orders without question. Security droids, programmed to guard Trade Federation bases and prisoners, are only one type of battle droid. (Taken from the figure's Force File.)

Image: Adam Pawlus' toy shelves.

Commentary: While Jar Jar provided "teh funny," as it were, in Episode I the Battle Droids were often deployed for additional comic relief. While some fans found their goofy voices and catchphrase "Roger Roger" a tad annoying, I dug them and think they're great-- the problem is that the early action figures were the must sturdy (and able to stand) and later issues, well, not so much. As one of the earlier figures, this Battle Droid is pretty solid-- he looks like he does in the movie, has a nifty but ultimately not annoying action feature, is loaded with articulation, and seems to be all the right colors. While I've heard some quibbles on the sculpt for earlier Battle Droids as far as authenticity goes, there's a fine line between "awful" and "good enough," and this is "good enough." If nothing punches me in the face as being overly wrong, I can live with it-- and this is one of my favorite Battle Droids. It's a shame he'd always been a little tough to get, but hopefully Hasbro will crank out more of this poor, pathetic Trade Federation appliance for us to buy so our Jedi can beat the snot out of them, bless their hearts.

Collector's Notes: The figure was first released on a card, as described above. In 2006, it was rereleased as part of the Sith Lord Attack Battle Pack with no significant changes. In 2002, however, it was redecorated in red and sold in an accessory pack as a Target exclusive that was actually pretty cool. (MORE IMAGES)

Day 276: February 6, 2007

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