Figure of the Day: Day 254
1/15/2007 7:25:45 PM | Reported by Adam

AUNT BERU Relative!
Power of the Force Collection
Item No.:
Asst. 69680 No. 84049
Number: n/a
Includes: Milk carton, glass, droid
Action Feature: n/a
Retail: $6.99
Availability: Spring 1999
Appearances: Star Wars

Bio: Beru Lars was the closest thing to a mother that Luke Skywalker ever knew. She and husband Owen lovingly raised Luke as their nephew, and trained him in the mundane ways of moisture farming on their arid Tatooine homestead. All along, Aunt Beru understood that a larger destiny awaited Luke. Years before, on another part of Tatooine, the slave Shmi Skywalker raised the boy who would become Luke's father-Anakin Skywalker. Like Aunt Beru, she sadly understood she could only love and nurture her boy for a relatively short period of time before she had to allow him the freedom to fly on his own wings. (Taken from the figure's carback.)

Image: Adam's toy shelf.

Commentary: Back in 1999, there weren't too many figures fans were clamoring for from the original trilogy, but Aunt Beru was one of them on a short list. Shortly before Episode I came out, fans were treated to Beru, as well as another C-3PO they didn't want, and a bafflingly neat but nonsensical Anakin Skywalker figure that was basically "alive" and had a lightsaber. Still, Beru made the wave great. The figure had a good likeness, especially for the time, and a really wonderful sculpt that captured the fabric quite nicely. She isn't perfect, and her pose is a little stuck, but hey-- they made Beru! Who would've guessed back in 1977 that such an action-free character would be made as an action figure? Since there probably will never be a new one, you can go out and buy this one with the knowledge that odds are she'll never get an upgrade.

Collector's Notes: Well, she's cheap-- eBay fans, the figure sells for as little as $0.99 + $5 shipping on her original card. Which makes her cheaper than what I paid way back when. As such, you should probably go ahead and snag her-- she's a great figure for any collection, and since it seems like even a younger version of Beru is pretty unlikely, you should just go get this one before fans wake up and realize she sells for way less than she probably should. (MORE IMAGES)

Day 254: January 15, 2007

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