Figure of the Day: Day 252
1/13/2007 9:19:59 PM | Reported by Adam

EPHANT MON Fan's Choice
Saga Collection 2
Item No.:
Asst. 84861 No. 84812
Number: 0245
Includes: Cane, vibroblade
Action Feature: n/a
Retail: $4.99
Availability: Fall 2002
Appearances: Return of the Jedi

Bio: Formerly a gunrunner, Ephant Mon is a cunning and ruthless adversary. A Chevin from Vinsoth, he was saved by Jabba the Hutt and pledged his loyalty to the crime lord, eventually becoming Jabba's head of security. Heeding a warning from Luke Skywalker, he was one of the few to survive the destruction of Jabba's sailbarge at the Pit of Carkoon. (Taken from the figure's carback.)

Image: Adam's toy shelf.

Commentary: A figure many fans have demanded for years, Ephant Mon finally saw production as a Fan's Choice figure in the Fall of 2002. The figure looked expensive, and according to comments from Hasbro designers on panels since 2003, it would seem that it was. (I overheard one panelist say something to the effect of "we lost our shirt on that one.") The figure came on larger than standard packaging (for the time), was massive, heavier, and had a lot of detail and articulation you usually didn't see. Articulated jaws weren't a common feature on these figures, nor were blades you can hide in his robes, canes that combine with said blades to make a weapon, and so on and so forth. Because Hasbro went out of their way to make this figure special, it was one of the best of 2002-- but if they did anything less than the stellar job you see before you, odds are fans would still be complaining to this very day. We're a bitter bunch like that.

There's very little to dislike about this figure. He may have problems standing, but that's what his cane is for. The detail is incredible, his size seems perfect, and it seems impossible for Hasbro to do a better job. (I doubt McFarlane could do a better job.) Short of having perfectly designed soft goods (which is unlikely), this figure is as perfect as it gets. His mouth gives him added personality, and he can bite stuff. That's cool. This guy is just so big and so nasty that you're doing yourself a disservice by not picking one up, price be damned.

Collector's Notes: On the secondary market, this figure has been on an up-and-down rollercoaster over the years. At release, he shot up really quickly. Last year, he could be had (pre-shipping) for under $8. As of when I checked eBay for this feature, he's shot up yet again to about $10-$25, depending on how crazy the bidders are. There were also several for $7.50-- so those pinching their pennies can get some decent deals, but it looks like your hopes of getting it cheap are about nil. The figure shipped in one case in/around September of 2002 at one per case, and that was it-- until a number of the case showed up at Kay-Bee Toy stores a couple of years later for the bargain basement price of about three bucks. And I should also note that in my many massive toy hunts, I never once saw this figure in stores until those Kay-Bee clearance figures hit. (MORE IMAGES)

Day 252: January 13, 2007

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