Hasbro Q&A V. 17 - Answers
11/3/2006 9:34:10 PM | Reported by Adam_May

It's time for another round of Hasbro Q&A! This week we ask about the prospects for an AT-TE, futuristic vehicle plans, and where the heck are our frackin' Stormtroopers? Get the answers now! Read on!

GalacticHunter: OK, so we have a confirmed mock-up for a Juggernaut/Turbo Tank for Revenge of the Sith. Was a concept ever actually worked on for an AT-TE vehicle? If so, what can you tell us about it? (It'll give us something to drool over until the Clone Wars 3D line launches!)

HASBRO: We have never done up a concept for an AT-TE. We mocked up the Turbo Tank because it had the more memorable scenes from the films, although actual screen time for both was very short. Either one would be a cool vehicle to do at some point if they played a prominent role in the animated series, and assuming that there aren't cool new vehicles that become our focus. Those would be good choices to have!

GalacticHunter: Can you confirm for us that new (newly sculpted) vehicles will be a part of the upcoming Clone Wars 3D -animated line, or is it all still based on how well vehicles sell in 2007?

HASBRO: Vehicles are an important part of the 3" play pattern and we don't see adjusting our focus on developing new ones as long as demand continues.

GalacticHunter: Our Stormtrooper armies are seeming a little thin these days. (Deserters? Recruitment problems? Cloning malfunctions?) What action is Hasbro taking to beef up the ranks for the Imperials?

HASBRO: OTC Troop fans should be well-pleased by some upcoming packs next year, from basic figures to the upcoming Tantive IV Battle Pack. One of the reasons we did not consider the VOTC Stormtrooper for elgibility in the current Fan's Choice voting is because this sculpt will be used in the 2007 line. Stay tuned!

Hasbro wanted us to pass this plug along:

"Also we wanted to remind you that Fan's Choice voting for Round 2  is still going on at rebelscum, and that fans do not have to register at rebelscum to vote. We encourage fans to debate the merits of figures in their home forums, vote, then come on back. There are some super tight results for Round 2... like Bonus Pit Droid 2-Pack vs Paploo. Every vote really does count!"

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