Hasbro Q&A V. 16 - Answers
10/27/2006 1:19:55 PM | Reported by Adam_May

Stop clicking away for that Evolutions Sandtrooper, it's time for the Hasbro Q&A. This week, we want to find out what perennial character(s) the Rhode Islanders enjoy updating the most; what's the status of those rumored poster figures; and the funny things that sometimes come out of computers? Sure, read all about it.

Galactic Hunter: Of the perennial characters, who is the team's favorite to refresh over and over? Are any of the major characters running out of fresh ways to spice them up for new retail adventures?

HASBRO: We love 'em all, with each team member having their different favorites. What motivates us is finding a new hook or avenue for each of the core charcters every year to keep them in rotation so kids get a chance at them too. Our goal is to make sure collectors like the figure too, either as an improvement, upgrade, or to get for the new accessories for display. It is challenging with some of the core, that's for sure, but every year we are surprised still at the ways the movies challenge and inspire us.

Galactic Hunter: Are the "poster style" action figures completely off the table, or is there hope that we'll see them elsewhere (exclusive or otherwise)?

HASBRO: They are off the table for now.

Galactic Hunter: When stock numbers for exclusives show up in retailers' computers, is this akin to 'penciling in' a date, as opposed to a done deal? Many collectors assume that once an item is in the computer, it means the ink is dry. Is this not the case? Is it possible that negative reaction to a rough sketch product description can deep-six an exclusive?

HASBRO: With very rare exceptions, when a product shows up in a retail computer, it's a "done deal" and has been proposed, evaluated, and accepted by the retailer.

(Empire Strikes Back "Poster" Darth Vader image courtesy of  SithToys.com.)

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