Hasbro Q&A V.15 - Answers
10/22/2006 10:25:28 AM | Reported by Adam_May

Ask three questions, get three answers. That's how it works, and Hasbro has kindly sent A's for another batch of your Q's. This week, we get a non-answer about Order 66 2-Packs, a semi-answer about R2-D2 and C-3PO together at last, and the nitty gritty on that massive Death Star Briefing combo pack.

Galactic Hunter: Now that e-tailers have started pre-sells for the Order 66 Two Packs, can anyone at Hasbro shed any light on these? Should we anticipate repaints, or are there new figures paired with troops?

HASBRO: We will not have any information on these until closer to the on-shelf date.

Reader Mike S. from Australia writes:

Artoo and Threepio don't seem to get much attention. With the exception of the Holiday Edition, there have hardly been any two packs with these iconic characters. Any chance we would see nice sculpts of these droids
in a two pack with a nice background?

HASBRO: Mike, I think you'll like what you'll see next year with our droid pals.  Stay tuned…

Reader Dan writes:

I'm not complaining too much (especially since I already ordered the thing and I can't wait to get it and to tear it open), but the Death Star Briefing multi-figure pack raises a few questions. Are the figure images we've seen the final product? The reason I ask is that the Tarkin figure (an obvious repaint of the ROTS figure) has ROTS boots as opposed to the boots the character wore in the original film. Also, the Motti figure seems to be a straight repack (and as such, the coloring is not in line with the rest of the figures in the set). Any chance the legs for Tarkin have since been swapped out to reflect more accurate boots or that the Motti figure has been given the same arms and/or uniform coloring as the rest of the figures in the set?

HASBRO: The figures you are referring to are indeed the ones used for this set, and they were not changed except for the Tarkin younger appearance.

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