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9/19/2006 9:05:47 AM | Reported by Adam_May

It's Tuesday, and that means... it's Hasbro Q&A Day? OK, somebody at Hasbro forgot to check teh Internets (as the kids say) last week, and so today is the Week 11 Q&A. We're getting into the holiday spirit nice and early by asking about the goodies we'll see in time for Life Day this year. Read on for more!

Galactic Hunter: Almost annually (I think they skipped a year or two) warehouse clubs like Costco have offered a really nice, value-priced, value-added Star Wars toy set for their membership to purchase. Is there anything in the works for this year, and, if so, can we get any details? (Side note: I'm asking because we often don't find out about these sets until it's too late, and they're sold out. So please, any advance warning will help.)

HASBRO: Yes - there are two this year.  Both will be at Costco.  One is a 2-Pack of Electronic Lightsabers with 2 pack-in 3-3/4" figures (no redeco, straight repack).  The other set will be the "Star Wars Tater Trio Set" which comes with all three Star Wars spuds in a cool new giant-size Darth Tater outer package that serves as a container.  Look for those in about a month.

Galactic Hunter: Have we seen the last of the Holiday Edition action figures? Was the Holiday Darth Vader the end for that series?

HASBRO: I doubt it will be the last…but we will not have a Christmas-themed figure next year at least.

Galactic Hunter: Hasbro Q&A revealed a few weeks ago that the 2007 line has been "put to bed". Is the team hard at work on Clone Wars 3D toys, or do they get some downtime before that ramps up?

HASBRO: "Put to bed" means that the ideation is done and locked up, but execution is far from done for the back-half.  At any time we are working on parts of 2 years worth of product in differing stages… fine tuning Spring 2007, input drawing and sculpting for Fall 2007, and strategic direction and line planning for 2008.  As a reward for their hard work, we have given our team this Friday afternoon off as down time (Note: Hasbro has year-round half-day Fridays, but the R&D team hasn't been officially informed yet...).

[Editor's Note: They won't read it here. They're kept in dark laboratories under Pawtucket, far away from the evil sway of the Internets.]

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