Figure of the Day: Day 132
9/15/2006 8:15:12 PM | Reported by Adam

LUKE SKYWALKER Luke's X-wing Fighter
The Saga Collection Toys "R" Us Exclusive
Item No.:
No. 32459
Number: n/a
Includes: Lightsaber
Action Feature: n/a
Retail: $44.99
Availability: August 2006
Appearances: Empire Strikes Back

Bio: Luke has had several harrowing adventures in his X-wing fighter: from battling TIE fighters in the destruction of the first Death Star and even crash landing in a desolate swamp on Dagobah. Indeed, he has become one of the finest star pilots in the galaxy! (Taken from the set's box.)

Image: In front of some tackle boxes.

Commentary: Hasbro has proven quite adept at modifying existing figures to make something new. This version of Luke Skywalker takes a torso and legs from 2004, what seems to be a newly crafted head, and new arms to make a new, exclusive pack-in figure. The arms are easily removed so you can exchange them with the 2004 Dagobah Luke, and the figure is now articulated at the basic 6 points plus wrists. It's a surprisingly nice action figure, even though it includes a lightsaber that, in this outfit, he really didn't do a whole lot with. The figure itself is in a lighter shirt with darker hair and looks, to use an oft-used (and overused) term, "realistic." I daresay it's an improvement, and worth snagging if you also want an X-wing and Dragonsnake.

Collector's Notes: At press time, the figure is both new and reasonably common. Thanks to Toys "R" Us' high price point for this item (previous TRU X-wings were closer to $30) the item seems to be sitting around a little, selling slowly in some areas and more quickly in others. As such, you should have no problem getting one right now, but be careful-- a lot of collectors out there are still stealing figures through the popular "swap" method and it's easy to be taken and not realize it until you get home. Examine your toys carefully!

Day 132: September 15, 2006

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