Carded '03 Collection 2 Photos
12/18/2002 8:21:53 PM | Reported by Mike

It's a mixture of old and new for the first wave of Saga Collection 2 figures for 2003. Hasbro decided to "refresh" the older POTJ figures of Eeth Koth, Teebo, Imperial Officer, and Tantive IV Rebel Trooper. With the Imperial Officer and Rebel Trooper, we finally get the new variant head sculpts we've been hearing about for so long.
The new figures for this assortment include Padme Amidala from the Droid Factory, a new "Tatooine Ambush" Tusken Raider, and the DVD cut scene analysis droids, SP-4 and JN-66. For 2003, Hasbro decided to update the cardback a little, with a starburst instead of the old swirl (which the POTJ refreshes are still packaged in) and a more fancier nameplate.
Look for our in depth photo spotlight coming up soon. In the meantime, enjoy!




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