Figure of the Day: Day 81
7/26/2006 11:40:27 PM | Reported by Adam

CLONE TROOPER COMMANDER Clone Attack on Coruscant
Revenge of the Sith Target Exclusive
Item No.:
No. 85995
Number: n/a
Includes: Rifle, pistol
Action Feature: Quick-Draw Action
Retail: $19.99
Availability: October 2005
Appearances: none yet

Bio: These clone troopers spring into battle as a massive droid army swarms upon Coruscant. As members of the Republic's mighty army corps, these clone troopers exit their gunships and engage the enemy in close-quarter combat, showing no inclinations of fear, hesitation or remorse.

Their commander takes charge and orders the troopers to protect their designated areas at all costs. Using their blaster rifles and pistols, these troopers take down droid after droid... until the secret declaration of Order 66. Now, these once loyal members of the Republic Army will change allegiances and serve a new master. (Taken from the toy's box.)

Image: Adam Pawlus' toy shelf.

Commentary: More than once in 2005, Hasbro and the Fan Club have declared figures to be part of a new line of Clone Troopers, a "line" that it seems exists only in the sense that there's a bunch of unrelated non-movie clones like this Clone Trooper Commander from a Target exclusive gift set. Colored to look vaguely like he might fit in with Vader's squads, this repaint of Commander Bacara is blue and has limited articulation, as well as a quick-draw action. The figure is fairly well jointed, although not as well as the rest of the Clone compatriots from this set or the line as a whole. (Oh well.) As a unique design for the toy line, it has yet to make an appearance, as far as I know, anywhere.

Collector's Notes: While not in the movies, fans gobbled this and other Clones up, and to date Clone apathy has yet to truly set in-- although some did find this set on clearance. Also, a number of fans reported finding untampered "error" sets of the Clone Attack on Coruscant with five grey troopers and none of this blue Commander figure. Was it a hoax? Or an error? It's hard to say. Either way, this is a nifty, hard-to-find figure (more or less) worthy of adding to your army. ( MORE IMAGES COMING SOON )

Day 81: July 26, 2006

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