Figure of the Day: Day 63
7/8/2006 11:37:54 AM | Reported by Adam

EWOK Assault on Endor
Saga Collection Ultra Figures
Item No.:
Asst. 84716 No. 84782
Number: n/a
Includes: Attack glider, spear, rocks
Action Feature: n/a
Retail: $9.99
Availability: Spring 2004
Appearances: Primarily Return of the Jedi

Bio: The Ewoks are the sentient furred bipeds native to the moon of Endor. They cautiously accept into their tribe the Rebel heroes Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, who have come to Endor on a crucial mission against the Empire. The Ewoks join forces with the Rebels and help them in the ground battle to destroy the shield generator that is protecting the Empire's second Death Star in orbit above the moon. The Ewoks use their primitive weapons and hang gliders to fell stormtroopers and attack scout walkers, helping to pave the way to victory at the Battle of Endor. (Taken from the figure's cardback.)

Image: Adam's Pawlus' back yard, by a tree. It's a wee bit hard to see the tree. Rocks and glider are not shown.

Commentary: Few times in the history of this line does a series of toys get referred to with a great reverence, but this Ultra Assortment was one of those series. With several high-quality figures with striking, fun, and most importantly, desired extras, how could you possibly go wrong? The Ewok with Attack Glider was apparently on the drawing board for a while, and is one of (currently) two nameless Ewoks in the modern line. He has a ball-jointed neck, articulated right wrist, and joints at the shoulders and hips. His sculpt is largely based on that of Teebo (reviewed earlier), and in and of itself is a unique little fuzzball. Sculpted fur has yet to be perfected, but this is a very good figure with a wide range of motion (for its needs) as well as one of the best accessories of the modern line. If you like Endor, you need this figure if for no reason other than the glider. The fact you get a bonus, unique Ewok out of it is just an added bonus. The texture of his hood is quite nicely done, and his added bits like his pouch give him a little more personality. All in all, it's a winner.

Collector's Notes: Few things made fans as happy as the Ultra assortment of figures in 2004. We got the Escape Pod with C-3PO, a big giant viewscreen with General Rieekan, a bit of an icy cave with the Wampa, and a few other bits and pieces. Because fans still seem to hate Ewoks, this item can be had for as low as $5 or so online. It's cheap, so you should consider buying one as it's awesome. (MORE IMAGES)

Day 63: July 8, 2006

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