Dish Of The Day: Hasbro Surprise
7/7/2006 9:53:53 PM | Reported by Adam

I was shocked today to find a case of the Endor Wave of the new Saga Collection, but, surprisingly, that's not the news. The news (and surprise) comes from a little something extra from the Death Star Gunner. Would you believe he's got a removable helmet? Read on!

C-3PO has jointed knees and the throne, where some assembly is required. The figure is nicely decorated and, of course, can sit-- the selling point. It's easily the best C-3PO on the market today, and of course also the only C-3PO on the market today. It's worth snagging.

Emperor Palptatine is basically the same as the 2003 release with added eye makeup and a stand. Nothing to see here.

The Death Star Gunner has a holster, removable helmet, removable black armor (very Stormtrooper-esque), and loads of articulation. We'll let the picture speak most of the story and point out he has a ball-jointed neck and shoulders to boot. (And yes, his eyes are red, and no, it's not the camera.)

Chief Chirpa is very short. But with his ball-jointed neck, removable knife, and removable hood, he's one of the most fun figures of the season. Don't miss him! (Heck, buy extras-- somebody's gotta lift up C-3PO's throne!

And last, but not least, Moff Jerjerrod is finally here after 23 years of hoping. Armed with all the joints you've come to expect from an Imperial Officer, he's another worthy addition to the ranks and is ready to redouble his efforts in getting us a Death Star playset in the next decade.

Also, please note that other items, such as the Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter, Darth Vader's TIE Fighter, the Hoth wave of Unleashed Battle Packs, Wedge and friends from Galactic Heroes, and a whole ton of new G.I. Joe and Transformers items have hit from Hasbro. If you're a fan of Hasbro figures, this is a most amazing week. Be sure to take a look at the new 2.5-inch scale G.I. Joes-- you'll see that Hasbro can put ball joints in a tiny figure, and they'll still look fantastic!

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