Hasbro Q&A V.4 - Answers
6/30/2006 8:51:24 AM | Reported by Adam_May

GH: It's safe to assume that the 30th Anniversary will be celebrated with exclusives from all of Hasbro's retail partners. Without revealing details (but feel free if you're willing), is there anything over-the-top exceptional in the works for us collecting fiends?

HASBRO: Without revealing details.Yes. Come to our panel on Friday morning of Comic-Con to find out more!

[Editor's Note: Naturally, GalacticHunter.com will be all over the scene at San Diego Comic-Con. Look for full coverage to begin as soon as the first booth babe hits the floor.]

GH: Other companies are manufacturing attractive and compatible stands and display environments for Star Wars action figures. What, if anything, can we collectors do to encourage Hasbro to enter this market in lieu of play sets? (We're going to need somewhere to put that Cantina Bar when the U-shaped piece comes out.)

HASBRO: It has been noticed. It's just that we have chosen to allocate our design resources toward producing other products right now. That may change in the future.

GH: Many collectors still love the old cardboard backdrop, plastic base play sets from the vintage era. Are these (updated with modern art and materials, obviously) considered just too hokey for such a robust, detailed modern line?

HASBRO: There is demand for these among a core of collectors, and even on the team here, I have my original Sears Cantina set here at work.  I would't rule out the possibility that they will ever come back, but their right time and place seems to have been in the original Kenner line.

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