Hasbro Q&A V.3 - Answers
6/23/2006 12:57:58 PM | Reported by Adam_May

GH: What three Star Wars action figures does 'the team' want to do before the line ends or the world ends, whichever comes first? (This can be applied to ships, play sets, or beasts, as well.)

HASBRO: Heavy question Adam. We would personally like to see every last cantina alien produced at some point in time. Does that count as three?!!  (Editor's Note: Yes, there are at least three left.)

GH: Will we see a return of the $10 - $15 price point Deluxe/Ultra releases? This line has a lot of potential for releasing small vehicles and beasts (Geonosian Orray and cart from the Arena) along with background figures. This format could also be utilized for multi-packs, oversized figures (Hermi Odle) and accessories too. (Did we mention Hermi Odle?)

HASBRO: We're not planning to return the Deluxe/Ultra lines in the forseeable future. But, it may be a possibity with the release of the animated series in 2008.   

GH: The Ralph McQuarrie Stormtrooper from 2003 was a big hit with fans, and they were snatched off of shelves as quickly as they appeared. Is there any chance that we'll see figures based on Concept Art, Poster Images, or other non-movie images in the near future?

HASBRO: I can't be too specific right now, but that's a great question. Details will be revealed at Comic-Con.  

GH: Since a lot of the Modern Era vehicles have been based on Kenner molds, are there any ships that we can strike off of our lists because the necessary molds are simply unfeasible?

GH: I can't say with certaintly that any are off limits. But, it is extremely unlikely that we'll be using any of the playset molds again.  

GH: Will themed waves continue past the Saga Collection?


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