The Saga Collection Mos Eisley Wave: Available
5/23/2006 9:57:25 PM | Reported by Adam

In the past day, numerous people have found the brand new Mos Eisley Wave of the 2006 line of action figures. However, few people are telling where they came from. (Which, of course, does you no good.) For first impressions of the wave which we have now, read on!

OK, now you've seen a picture. Now read roughly 8 sentences on the new arrivals!

Momaw Nadon's a delight-- with what I guess is a table, a staff, and a glass, this brand new sculpted figure is wonderful and looks like he'd easily convert, with minor accessory changes, into a great Roron Corobb.

R5-D4 is a modified "Vintage" R2-D2 with fantastic detailing rivaling the most ornate figures in the line. When you twist his head, his "bad motivator" pops up, making this figure a really wonderful upgrade.

Hem Dazon has a new sculpt, ball-jointed shoulders, a glass, a table, and a gun with a holster. You know you want it.

Garindan is another all-new sculpt, the final in the batch, and has a holster, a removable comlink, a gun, and a removable cloak which reveals his little pointy Kubaz ears. Awesome.

Han Solo is a repaint of the 1999 release with a new head sculpt, a repainted gun, and a repainted outfit. Overall, an improvement.

Luke looks far better in person than in photos, with his lipstick seeming more subdued and the new head sculpt looking good. His hat and binoculars are from a 1999 CommTech release, his lightsaber is new (and weird), and the poncho and box are also new.

The Sandtrooper is slightly resculpted but largely based on the Evolutions Sandtrooper Vintage 2004 Stormtrooper with a new pauldron, a removable... thing on his butt, a blaster, and a dewback prod. Buy several, you'll love it.

Darth Vader is unique in that it has new recycled debris, a Star Wars stand (not Empire Strikes Back), and his helmet is glued down. His head under the helmet is also painted, and this figure is the same as the 500th figure or the previously released 2006 Hoth Wave Darth Vader. If you skipped out on the Hoth Wave one, this is a better figure.

I've had about four minutes with each out of the package so far, so if there's an error, well, sue me. Each figure has a red holograph figure. You'll be reading more about these figures in the coming months in our world-class and almost interesting Figure of the Day feature.

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