Ultimate Galactic Hunt: All 10 Available Now
3/22/2006 9:33:36 PM | Reported by Adam

The Ultimate Galactic Hunt is on, and all 10 figures have already shipped! We've received reports of people finding a few here and there at Targets, online stores, and more all over the country-- but we've got a group shot of all 10 to share with you. Read on!

These figures are slightly updated versions of the previous releases. For example, the Battle of Carkoon wave was released without a Hasbro logo on the front left side, and without the orange around the text indicating there's a bonus figure inside-- now, they're all consistent. The silver foil has been added to the front insert and to the logo on the package. Figures are moved around a little to showcase the display base, now silver.

Silver versions of the holo figures have been given a black wash and look superb. Problem is, they're random-- so even if you collect all 10 Ultimate Galactic Hunt figures, you'll be, at best, 2 short.

So there you have it! They're in stores now.

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