Elite Clones? UPDATE
7/21/2005 9:22:15 AM | Reported by Mike

These auctions popped on eBay from seller mudnemo showing a newly decoed and partially tooled Clone Trooper with the wide-hipped Bacara body and a red left shoulder plate. The seller describes them as "elite" Clone Troopers and a little birdie told us that they may or may not be a Target exclusive.

This seller appears to have a history of selling legit early samples, so we are going to assume this is the real deal. Click here to bid on or view his auctions.

* We contacted Hasbro about this particular figure and they were able to confirm that it is NOT legitimate. The figure is essentially a kitbash of a Clone Trooper head, Bacarra body, and a variant red Shocktrooper shoulder plate.

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