Holographic Nute Gunray
11/27/2002 12:56:43 AM | Reported by Mike

He's scheming, greedy, and...err...transparent. He's supposed to be a Fan Club exclusive, but is in unreleased limbo at the moment.  He's Holographic Nute Gunray!

Sporting the original Episode I sculpt, the Neiomoidian Viceroy is redone with the clear translucent plastic first seen with EP1's Holographic Darth Sidious. This figure was originally intended to be part of the Episode I collection. But due to the overabundance of Neimodians lingering on the pegs at that time, Hasbro thought it prudent to delay its release. It was then revealed that Holographic Nute would be a Star Wars Fan Club exclusive this year, but has not been released as of yet. This is more than likely due to the transitory change of ownership phase the Fan Club is currently going through, which saw a few exclusives, like 12" Plo Koon and the Holiday Droid set, shifted off to other outlets. We expect Nute to be packaged in the usual uncelebratory Fan Club white mailer box once (or if) he's released.
You can bid or view this particular sample on eBay by clicking here. Enjoy!

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