New Target Cups Out
6/6/2005 4:30:35 PM | Reported by Mike

The missing third wave of the Target exclusive Cup and Figure Sets for Saga are now out as the second wave for Revenge of the Sith. Theodore finds Yoda, Han Solo, and Boba Fett at his local Target for $12.99 each.



I just wanted to pass along some stuff I haven't seen posted before. At Ralph's I saw a disposable camera. It was $3.99 and they said up front you get credits for stuff you buy. I didn't see any signage describing what stuff you needed to buy. The camera has 12 exposures and looks pretty cool.   After visiting Ralph's, I went to Target where I found the new cup/figure combos. I grabbed a Han, Boba, and Yoda. It warms my heart to see Target has stuck these out after the first few series had a peg warmer or two. They were $12.99. I also found in the clearance section two different hand held game cases. They had m&m's in them and one has Vader and "the Duel" and the other has Yoda and 3PO and R2. I've attached pictures of everything I found. Thanks for the great site.

And thanks for the awesome report Theodore. Happy Hunting all! Don't forget to report those finds in our forums!

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