Preview: VOTC Boba Fett
9/24/2004 4:47:40 AM | Reported by Mike

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, presenting our frontrunner for best action figure of the year. Never mind the 18 points of articulation and one of the more character authentic sculpts of the bounty hunter we've seen. Forget about the retro Kenner Return of the Jedi cardback with the awesome flame throwing photo. We like him because we're biased and he's our patron saint. This is Galactic Hunter after all.

Sure, the jumpsuit may be a tad too white and the rangefinder is green instead of black. But look at the great measure of detail Hasbro took in making sure the mold works in with the articulation by giving an added flexible hose piece around the right bicep and the ability to pose him in many, many ways. Check out our comparison photos showing  a neutral stance you couldn't achieve with the 300th or Saga versions. All the character's emblems, the trademark Wookiee braids, and even a new sculpt for the EE-3 Blaster are present and accounted for. There's really not much more you can ask for outside of a removable helmet.

Don't expect this figure to hang on a peg too long. With the overwhelming success of the DVD's, don't expect any Vintage OTC to linger around past the holidays. This really is the Fett to get, and he's showing up in stores now along with the rest of the Return of the Jedi assortment. Get hunting!


Vintage  Commemorative

Item No.: 85271/85213
Includes: Blaster Rifle, Soft Goods Cape, Rocketpack, Rangefinder
Retail: $9.99
Availability: September '04
Comments: All new sculpt with 18 points of articulation including ball jointed neck, shoulders, knees, and ankles. Packaged in reproduction Kenner card front and enclosed in clear protective clamshell case.







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