2003 Rumor List Strikes Back
 | Reported by Mike

Our Bothan spies have transmitted some new information on upcoming swag for 2002. Cool stuff from both classic and prequels that should keep your collecting energies high for 2K3!

Flying R2-D2
Naboo Anakin with Mechanical Hand and base
Snowtrooper with Cannon
Count  Dooku with Death Star Hologram
Waitress Droid (with diner floor display base and plates of food)
Lt. Faytonni (Anthony Daniels)

Jango Fett with Kamino Landing Platform

Jedi Knight 4-Pack (Human, Rodian, Twi'lek, and Wookiee)
Clone Trooper 4-Pack (Red, Green, Blue, and Orange)

Scene Pack Wave 2
Lars Homestead (Attack of the Clones)

12" Collection
AT-ST Driver
Lando Skiff Guard
Han Solo

Obi-Wan Kenobi's Speeder with figure
Zam Wessel's Speeder with figure

Action Fleet
Wave 1
217131 Republic Gunship (With rotating wing turrets and opening troop doors)
220300 Clone Trooper Transport (with retractable landing gear)

Wave 2
220857 Anakin's Speeder (with retractable rear thrusters)
             Zam's Speeder (with interchangeable battle damage panels)
             Spider Droid (with pivoting laser cannons)

Wave 3
221732 Mon Calamari Cruiser
222123 Jedi Starfighter (with battle damage)
221350 Imperial Star Destroyer (with opening hangar bay)

217183 Wheeled Missile Droid (with multi-firing missile launchers)

Role Play
Electronic Yoda Lightsaber

A reminder that this list has not been officially confirmed by Hasbro and does not reflect everything that's planned for 2003. Things could get cancelled, changed, or even added on in the interim. Enjoy! We'll make sure to update you as we learn more!

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