Revenge of the Sith Preview Wave
8/14/2004 10:00:24 AM | Reported by Adam

While our illustrious Swami posted it before, now it looks like he's gotten a little outside confirmation from one of our favorite action figure sites. Read on for the full scoop, and if you consider character names to be spoilers you best hit the back button now.

Back in May, our Swami reported four figures slated for the Sneak Preview wave of the then-untitled Episode III. Now the great folks at have chimed in that their sources jive with the Swami's. What are these figures?

General Grevious, but as he appears in the movie. An animated version is still on tap for 2005.

Astromech Droid, specifics unknown.

General Tarfful, previously described as "Wookiee Warrior."

Tion Medon, or "Helpful Alien"/"Bruce Spence Alien."

As of now, these are not confirmed by Hasbro but we just thought we'd share that it seems this is what we can expect in early 2005.

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