Hasbro: Pre-EP3 Carded And Y-Wing
8/11/2004 9:42:45 AM | Reported by Mike

Hasbro Star Wars updates today with photos and additional info on the upcoming Coruscant and Naboo waves coming later this year as part of the Spring 2005 collection. Also previewed is the new Toys R Us exclusive Y-Wing Fighter.

The pre-ROTS figures are carded in the same Original Trilogy Collection design, but with a couple of changes. Besides the Rebellion and Empire logos being omitted, the character nameplate insert now has a submoniker instead of the OTC logo. Shown are Pablo Jill (Geonosis Arena), Sly Moore (Coruscant Senate), and Yarua (Coruscant Senate). It will be interesting to see how Hasbro plans to package future non-ROTS figures after the film's release. Will they stick with the classic blister card template or the fancy new Shrek like Revenge of the Sith packaging? We'll find out sooner or later.


Hasbro also updates with an official pacakaged photo of the Y-Wing, which features a reissued mold with updated paint applications as well as a pack-in pilot.

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