Swami Sez: Exclusives Hoppin' Over At Da Club
6/11/2004 11:51:23 AM | Reported by Swami

It's time for another Swami Friday, and my crystal ball bounces towards the new Fan Club for this latest session. Clearing the mist of the cloudy future and many rumors swirling about what the Hyperbanthafanclubtrackspaceshop.com  folks have in store, Swami sees a villainous despot, a battleground warrior, and three not so necessarily wise (or clean) beings.




First up in Swami's vision pool is an Original Trilogy Collection Holographic Emperor. Now, as many of you internet travelers know, the arrival of the Trilogy on DVD brings many changes which The George saw fit to edit, some of which is rumored to be a CGI switcheroo between the original Empire Strikes Back Emperor played by Clive Reville and Ian McDarmid, the once and future Palpatine. A figure of the Empire's grand poobah seems highly appropriate, and now new and improved with McDarmid's visage. While Swami would've dug a VOTC tyrant, a holo version of the hooded one would not be so bad (all puns aside), especially since the EP1 Sidious was so darn hard to find.


As we've reported earlier this week via our friends from the Far East at StarWars-Force, a packed in exclusive bazooka totin' Biker Scout for the Battlegrounds video game will be released later this year. The spirits have revealed to Swami that the Fan Club will also offer this same carded figure sans the "not for resale" label (for obvious reasons).


Wrapping things up for the spirit of the holidays (I know, I know. Swami drank a little too much from the pun bowl this time), a third holiday set featuring the scavenging and vertically challenged creatures of the Tatooine desert, the Jawas, will be featured in a scene inspired by the Three Wise Men.


A gala of exclusive goodness will adorn the new Fan Club this year (including the Silver Sandtrooper). So if you haven't subscribed yet, perhaps now is the time to do so. As Swami sez, so it shall be done (but not until Hasbro or the Fan Club confirms it). Until next time!

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