Swami Sez: Sneak A Peek Into Episode III
5/21/2004 1:58:17 PM | Reported by Swami

It's Swami Friday once again, and your turbaned prophet of future plastic bears good tidings in the form of Episode III Sneak Peek figures. While the internet is buzzing on what they may be, I,  the Swami, with the help of my groovy crystal ball,  will reveal the identity of the four figures creeping into pegs by year's end. 

Despite rumors going around the web mill that the sneak preview figures are the Coruscant based characters of Sly Moore, Pablo Jill, and Senator Yarua ---- figures which were foretold to you last year--- the Swami knows the truth. These three figures will actually be the wave following the 38 Original Trilogy figures coming out this summer and fall (carded in the black packaging minus the "Original Trilogy Collection" label, since they're Prequel characters). Two more waves will then  be released which will soon be followed by the Episode III Sneak Preview figures.

These are a Wookiee Warrior, General Grievous, an R2/Astromech Droid, and the "helpful Alien" character played by actor Bruce Spence.


Images for reference only. Not actual product

In addition to the Sneak Preview figures, a Sneak Preview vehicle is also planned. The figures are expected to be carded in the black OTC packaging design.

While Episode II treated us to a sea of blue and the OTC brought us back to black, Hasbro's Episode III packaging will erupt in a "volcanic"  theme and be a fiery reddish orange and black  color, with Vader's helmet back on the design. The Swami can't reveal too much as to what's planned at the moment, but will report that a 12" Anakin/Darth Vader "Ultimate" set ,similar to Episode II's Jango Fett, will be a part of the offering.

Remember that this news is unconfirmed and may very well change. But Swami's been "on the ball" (huzzah) in the past, so keep checking Galactic Hunter and the Swami for more exciting news to come!

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