Swami Sez: Fall OTC Figures
4/30/2004 4:15:04 PM | Reported by Swami

Smokin' incantations! The weekend's here, and the good Galactic Swami drops in to treat you to another small glimpse into the future in this special TGIF edition! While the recent news of Target's decision to drop the Sandcrawler  was a big buzzkill for collectors (whatsa matter Target, we've only been wanting this toy remade for over 25 years! No soup for you!) , the OTC will reign supreme with a couple of new action figures from the Original Trilogy beginning this Fall.



If you took a poll as to which Imperial Officer most collectors would like to see made, General Maximillian Veers would top the list.  Veers, pardon the pun, didn't choke like the rest of Vader's English accented cronies, and was considered the prototypical Imperial by Imperial standards. While we did get a pack in with the POTF2 AT-AT back in '97, we're hoping Big H can do this one up right with removable helmet, chest plate and a holographic Darth Vader. It also opens up the possibility of a Walter Donovan Last Crusade custom for those who are inclined.

Another version of the Sith Lord is produced based on his appearance on Hoth. So you  ask how did Vader look different in Hoth than in other sequences. Snow deco? Holographic in the AT-AT? We're curious to find out.



With Hasbro re-releasing older POTF2 figures like Wicket the Ewok, will this be a recarded '97 version? Here's hoping for new and improved, sez the Swami.



Jabba's Twi'lek major domo gets a makeover for 2004. Will Hasbro do a red caped variant just for kicks? This should round out the rest of the Jabba's Palace figures released this year quite nicely.



Making sure that store shelves will be stocked full of OTC action figures, Hasbro will also recard previously released figures in the blast from the past black and silver OTC packaging:

Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard
Darth Vader
General Madine
General Lando Calrissian
Han Solo AT-ST Driver
Princess Leia (Slave)

Finally, the Un-Fan's Choice (cuz Hasbro says it doesn't count) winning Imperial Scanning Technician is also coming later this October. The figure was a pack-in with the Millennium Falcon Carrying Case a few years back.

That's all the Swami has for now. Remember that this news is neither confirmed nor denied by the Peeps at Pawtucket, so believe the Swami at your own risk. But have faith as always true believers, and keep your browsers on the ready for more news coming soon...only here on Galactic Hunter!

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